Thursday, April 30, 2015

Actual Things You Might Want To Know About Tonight's Top 21 Draft Prospects

Editor's Note: Tony D put this together. These 21 players are projected to be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft. Rankings are based SOLELY on video highlights from YouTube. This is not a “big board” or mock draft, it is simply a list of player rankings and ratings based on their highlight films. Player position, off the field issues, and potential are not directly taken into account here. 

Take these to your draft party tonight and sprinkle in whatever ones Todd McShay or Mel Kiper don't say when these guys get drafted. Or just be smart and watch the NFL Network's coverage. Enjoy. 

Leonard Williams, DT, USC                                                                        
Video Grade:  9.5
Positives:  First of four guys that really surprised me on film. Very disruptive. He tackles everything that moves. Can make plays all over the line. Explosive. Mean Streak. He’s got it all.
Negatives:  For many teams, DT is not a position of pressing need (especially at the top of the draft).

Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

Video Grade:  9.0
Positives:  Complete player. Good speed. Good hands. Decent size. Makes plays. Solid and safe pick.
Negatives:  He’s not the most explosive player in the draft. Wish he was taller (6’1”)

Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia                                                                                                     
Video Grade:  9.0
Positives:  Explosive. Great speed. Good moves. Decent strength. Home-run guy.
Negatives:  Runs recklessly – Fear more injuries. Not super powerful between the tackles.

Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin                                                                                   
Video Grade:  9.0
Positives:  Great short burst. Big, strong. Good vision. Shifty. Fast enough.
Negatives:  Not as explosive as some runners. Not many highlights catching the ball.

Vic Beasley, DE/LB, Clemson                                                                                       
Video Grade:  9.0
Positives:  Second of four that really surprised me on film. Super fast. Often gets in the backfield before you can figure out where he came from. Disruptive off the edge. Reminds me of Clay Matthews.
Negatives:  He is a little small. Lacks strength to contribute consistently in run support. Relies on his speed.

DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville                                                                                  
Video Grade: 8.5             
Positives:  Fluid player. Natural. Great hands. Beast in the red zone. Brings in jump balls. Long arms. Good route runner. As a Viking fan, it was fun watching Teddy throw TDs to him.
Negatives:  Not explosive. Slender frame. Doesn’t have great speed or moves.

Landon Collins, S, Alabama                                                                                          
Video Grade:  8.5
Positives:  Third of Four guys that really surprised me on film. Made many impact plays. Big hitter. Great tackler. Good hands. Nose for the ball. Plays like a LB on running downs. Reminds me of Harrison Smith.
Negatives:  Not super fast. Better against the run. Always had a great defense around him to compensate for mistakes.

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