Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Legend in Limbo: The Curious Case of Kevin Garnett and His 22nd Season

Courtesy of USA TODAY Sports.
Dr. J continues his look at the changing attitudes and the changing of the guard at 600 North 1st Avenue by reflecting on roller-coaster relationship between Kevin Garnett and the Minnesota Timberwolves, and ruminating on the future for "The Franchise" within the franchise.

On May 20, Tom Thibodeau made his first moves as the new President of Basketball Operations of the Minnesota Timberwolves. He fired nine people. Among the departed were former general manager Milt Newton and assistant coach Sidney Lowe.

The news of a mass exodus from the organization may seem like a harsh way to start business but it is exactly what Thibodeau was hired to do: clean out the country club atmosphere that has stifled the organization’s progress and bring in a more respectable, higher functioning front office staff.

And while many employees’ jobs are still up in the air, no fate is more intriguing than that of franchise icon Kevin Garnett.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What'd I Miss? A Stanley Cup Finals Primer for Those Who Have Missed Anywhere Between The Last One Day To The Last Thirty Years of NHL Action

Sidney Crosby smiles at a grizzly bear named Brent. Courtesy of Zimbio.

In this edition of MN Sports Emporium, Dr. J—a former college netminder—talks to himself about the NHL playoffs. Let’s listen in. CAUTION: If you keep reading, you will learn about physics, and it will be fun and interesting and you won't fall asleep.


So Dr. J, why should I be watching the NHL playoffs? Isn’t hockey less popular than NASCAR?

Well, if you are going by the 2014 Harris Poll of favorite American sports, then yes, hockey (6% of poll) is below NASCAR (7%). Just for reference, the NBA is also at 6%. The NFL still has a stranglehold on this poll, as it is the favorite sport of 32% of the American population. Doesn’t mean any of the sports mentioned here aren’t exciting.

Drive fast, turn left!

Yeah something like that. Anyway, how about we talk some ice hockey?

I mean, if we have to…

We have to. This is Minnesota.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Crazy Like a Wolf: The Recent Competency of Glen Taylor

Courtesy of TCBMag.com
Ed.: This article's author, Dr. J, is an esteemed and respected member of several online Minnesota sports communities. The Timberwolves' recent front-office moves inspired this friend and colleague to jolt this hibernating community back to life. Welcome to the 2 1/2th renaissance of MSE, and thanks, Dr. J, for this thought-provoking piece.


Glen Taylor is not a “basketball guy”. He likely wouldn’t be able to dissect his players’ pick-and-roll defense or tell you the intricacies of a motion offense. Hell, I don’t even know if he has ever played an organized sport. But one thing the current Timberwolves owner has always been is a businessman. And the recent moves made to his basketball operations staff this offseason only add to his business savvy. Pairing a young, talented roster with an equally talented coach and front office has the potential to make Glen Taylor richer. How much richer? How about hundreds of millions of dollars richer?