Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It's March, It's 2018, and That Means It's Time for Dr. Brackets' 2018 Tips and Tricks

Meet Michael Porter, Jr. More on him below. Courtesy ESPN.

Cue the music! Cue Kevin Harlan! March Madness is back in less than 48 hours, and Bruff "Dr. Brackets" McGruff is back again with 10 of the freshest tips, tricks, and statistical anomalies that will make you go "Hmm, interesting," and then probably probably go on to win thousands of real American dollars and billions of Euros' worth of bragging rights in your circle of friends.

As always, I have to lead with the disclaimer that I am not an actual doctor. I am about as much a doctor as Ron Burgundy--who once, during a prank phone call, referred to himself as "professional doctor" Chim Richalds. I took a statistics class once about 5 years ago, and also I am somewhat familiar with how to run multiple regressions. I have a database with 7 years of tourney data that helps me come up with this stuff, so if you screw something up, don't blame me, blame the numbers! (and me.)