Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Crazy Like a Wolf: The Recent Competency of Glen Taylor

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Ed.: This article's author, Dr. J, is an esteemed and respected member of several online Minnesota sports communities. The Timberwolves' recent front-office moves inspired this friend and colleague to jolt this hibernating community back to life. Welcome to the 2 1/2th renaissance of MSE, and thanks, Dr. J, for this thought-provoking piece.


Glen Taylor is not a “basketball guy”. He likely wouldn’t be able to dissect his players’ pick-and-roll defense or tell you the intricacies of a motion offense. Hell, I don’t even know if he has ever played an organized sport. But one thing the current Timberwolves owner has always been is a businessman. And the recent moves made to his basketball operations staff this offseason only add to his business savvy. Pairing a young, talented roster with an equally talented coach and front office has the potential to make Glen Taylor richer. How much richer? How about hundreds of millions of dollars richer?