Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 Fo Flo Fantasy League: Draft Recap

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report.

Come for the expanded half-hour inaugural edition of Fo Flo Video's Down and Dirty Draft Recap, stay for the 400 or so words I write below said video.

Here are the Fo Flo League's preseason power rankings:

Tony's Twelve:
1. Brian Woods
2. Jake Hansen
3. Nick Kirby/Jeremy Bedard
4. Mike Burdakin
5. Steven Bieloh
6. Spencer Broughten
7. Jake Holsten
8. Tony Davis
9. Thomas G. Wick
10. Conor Bennett
11. Erik Johnson
12. Joel Rindelaub

Bruff's Bunch:
1. Brian
2. Hansen
3. Burd
4. Kirdard
5. Bees
6. Stein
7. Tony
8. Bruff
9. Tom
10. Silky
11. Conor
12. Joel

Because the video pretty much says it all in terms of where Tony and I stand heading into the bulk of Week 1, below is a recollection of the best moments of this year's action-packed, nerve-wracking Labor Day Football Extravaganza knowns as Draft Day 2012.

The 5 things we knew would happen during Draft Day:

1. That Noob would take Tom Brady (if available) and Stephen Gostkowski (3 rounds too early).

2. That whoever drafted San Diego's big offseason acquisition at wideout would be derided for "reachim' for Meachem."

3. That we would have some kind of technical difficulty at some point during the draft due to our finally having caught up to the technological innovations of 2003 and deciding this Skype thing might just be a useful way to bring our far-flung friends into the main War Room.

4. That Jacob P. "Snake" Hansen would wear his "Fantasy Football 2011 Champion" T-shirt and just generally dismiss the other 11 owners as inferior to himself in every way possible.

5. The the guy wearing the Troy Williamson jersey probably had a better chance of being drafted than the actual former #7 pick in the 2005 NFL Draft.

The Draft's top 5 most surprising moments:

1. That Joel would still be in such a hungover stupor, even at 3:00 pm EDT, as to allow time to run out on his 9th round pick. Also, that 12 picks would then be taken before he could spit out the name (no, Spiller went 2 rounds ago) of a player (no, Ingram went 2 picks ago) that hadn't yet been selected.

2. That someone would mess up the pronunciation of Pierre Garcon for the second year in a row (Gar-KONE, Ron?)

3. That Jermichael Finley (pick 63 to Bees) would come off the board before Aaron Hernandez (pick 65 to Burd).

4. That a bunch of stuff would fall off Jake's desk in Ohio during a lull in the action and startle the crap out of 10 guys in a house 750 miles away.

5. That a pick-up basketball game pitting Brian, Ron, and a sprightly Silky (combined workout hours in the previous week: 179--168 of those belonging to Ron, and only because this wasn't yet the week where everyone sets their clocks back, so he couldn't work out for 169) against roommates Tom, Tony, and Bruff (combined workout hours in 2012: 1--the hour where we got all excited and jumped around when we decided to all buy sports goggles) would end in such lopsided fashion in favor of the former group.

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