Sunday, April 1, 2012

Game of the Week Breakdown: A Timbas-Celtics ‘Recap’

Bruff, TWick and I watched the first half of the Timbas-Celtics game last night,hoping to see our beloved Pups come out with some fire and energy after KG’s absurd comments about the Timberwolves franchise. We were hoping to see a youngteam on the rise (everybody’s talking about them, including…Pegasus?) takedown the aging superpower, a shell of its former championship-caliber squad.
We didn’t see any of that.

The young and confused Timbas were outplayed by the older, wiser Celtics. While we were giving the ball away at almost every opportunity, Rondo was dishing out 7 assists in the first quarter alone.

We ended that first quarter down by 11. We hung with them during the second quarter, and ended the half still down 11. I didn’t watch the second half, but I’m guessing the veteran Celtics did just enough to match us in the third quarter, and then turned up the defensive pressure in the fourth quarter,ending the game with the 21-point victory.

*checks box score* Yup looks like we hung with them in the thirdquarHOLY SHIT WE ONLY SCORED 12 POINTS IN THE FOURTH QUARTER?!?!?! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?!?!
*checks ESPN play by play* Oh boy, that’s telling. Three baskets in the quarter. Three.Trolliver tip shot, Trolliver layup, KLove layup. Sprinkle in a few free throws, and you get 12 points. We scored A Point in the last 5:26 of the game.One point. We have a word for that. It’s Bruuuuutaaaaalllll.
We played Halo instead of watching the second half. It was kinda unsaid amongst us. We left the game at halftime, and we all just kinda realized we were having morefun playing Halo than watching the Timbas get outplayed. Tom’s kill differential went up. He was even on a rampage once, until he got assassinated.Bruff, for not liking shooters, especially online multiplayer ones, held his own fairly well.
*realizes he’s writing about Halo in something people will actually maybe read*
*realizes no one gives two shits about Halo*
Sorry folks. It’s just that the Timbas only gave us fans two quarters of competent basketball. In return, they get two quarters of competent recapping.
I will say this, though. Before the game last night, FSN compared Kevin Love to Paul Bunyan. The comparison is apt, as KLove is putting together an epic season with legendary numbers. He’s shouldering this team and doing his best to carry them to the playoffs. Hell, he even looks like Paul Bunyan. It’s all in the beard.
Paul Bunyan is missing a few things, though. He’s missing Babe the Big Blue Ox, a massive creature with exceptional strength. And he’s missing his shiny, sharp new axe,great for cutting apart defenses.
Once this team gets Nikola Pekovic and Rick Rubio back, the three core pieces will be in place, and the legend of Paul Bunyan will continue its modern-day evolution.

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